Tunnel Agreement

A tunnel on the 5 Straits of Mackinac line would be state-of-the-art, with improved safety features that reflect our commitment to protecting Michigan`s natural resources. The dispute over the future of Line 5 has drawn battle lines between environmentalists and industry, Republicans and Democrats and, in general, Democratic union workers, who will benefit from the eventual construction of the $500 million supply tunnel planned for Line 5. But a State Court of Claims decision last year confirmed Enbridge`s agreement with the state and allowed the company to move forward with construction. A coalition of environmental groups, Indian tribes and citizens` organizations plans to present a letter to the Authority on Friday criticizing the tunnel agreement. Business-to-business companies have built more than 400 low-pressure tunnels, many with conditions similar to those in Mackinac Strait, according to Enbridge. Enbridge signed an agreement with the state in 2018 to build a $500 million tunnel to house Line 5 after months and years of concern from environmental groups concerned about the impact of a strait spill on the Great Lakes. “We`re saying that you can`t and shouldn`t trust Enbridge and that the Corridor Authority should freeze all authorization for a Line 5 oil tunnel unless Michigan taxpayers are not on the trail if Line 5 has a major break in the Great Lakes,” said Sean McBrearty, coordinator of the Oil and Water Don`t Mix group. The contract is an 18-month pre-construction contract between Enbridge and Jay Dee and the Japanese tunnel construction company, which collaborates under the name Great Lakes Tunnel Constructors. The engineering office Arup will develop the design. Jay Dee Contractors Inc., based in Livonia, and a U.S.

subsidiary of Obayashi Corp. will partner with the construction of the tunnel, as Enbridge announced Thursday. Enbridge began last year to maintain contracts for tunnel planning and construction and put interested parties on the street so they could understand the width of the project, said Amber Pastoor, project manager for the Great Lakes Tunnel project.