Ipa Agreement

The list of organizations that have entered into IAP agreements with federal authorities contains information provided by the agencies in the data call for GJ 2010. The worker must sign a one-year service contract or the duration of the assignment, depending on the shortest date, in order to qualify to pay the annual value at the place of intervention or the limited moving costs. The employee is responsible for reimbursement of expenses if he does not enter into the service contract, unless the reasons for non-compliance with the agreement are beyond his control. In addition, federal agency officials may waive the obligation to reimburse expenses if they feel the waiver is justified. The service contract does not cover travel expenses paid when the employee leaves the place of intervention. An order may be terminated at any time at the choice of the federal or non-federal organization. Where possible, the party terminating the agreement before the original completion date should give all parties 30 days. This notification should be made in writing and contain the reasons for the termination. The Office of Human Resources Management may terminate a mandate or take other corrective action if a transfer is found to be contrary to the provisions of the Intergovernmental Personnel Act. A mobility task must be completed immediately when the agent is no longer employed by his or her original employer, whether it is a detail or an appointment.

With respect to the development of a contract involving the transfer of a non-federal worker to a federal agency, the agreement should stipulate that the worker may return to the non-federal position held prior to the transfer or in comparable pay, service and seniority, and that the worker`s rights and benefits be fully protected. For federal public servants, the agreement should ensure that the agent is aware of his obligation to return to federal service for a period corresponding to the duration of the transfer or to be responsible for all expenses related to the transfer (without salary or benefits). A contract may be terminated at any time at the request of the federal or state authority, tribal government, higher education institution or any other organization participating in the program. Where possible, the party terminating the assignment before the agreed date should notify the other parties of a 30-day delay in advance and a statement of reasons. As a precondition for the acceptance of a contract, a federal agent must, at the end of the transfer, intervene with the federal government for a period equal to the duration of the transaction.