What Is Mandatory Mobility Agreement

Without mentioning the benefits of this proposal or any other, the idea of targeted redistribution in different sectors of the shuttle is worth discussing. Can the government force you to relocate or risk losing your job? Do they need congressional approval? Do you have to have a mobility agreement? What are the opportunities for employees when their jobs move, but they don`t want to participate? Source: I work for the government and we have mobility agreements. Complainant Gallegos was a forensic police officer with GS-13. As a condition of its commitment, Gallegos was required to execute a mobility agreement in which it recognized that any non-acceptance of a geographic reallocation could subordinate a separation from the federal service. In 2012, Gallegos reported on a targeted redistribution from Florida to Virginia. She objected to the reassignment and the Agency removed it by accusing it of “not fulfilling a condition of employment”. The Merit Systems Protection Board in Gallegos v. Department of the Air Force, 2014 MSPB 53 (July 17, 2014), that the complainant`s expulsion for non-compliance with a condition of employment is appropriate if the complainant, despite being subject to a mobility application, refused a targeted reassignment. Hey guys, I offered a job with the government, but it depends on signing a mobility agreement that says they can relocate you during the training period and after the end of the workout.

I was wondering how likely it was that he would be relocated or if someone was forced to move. Here`s the key – if you take this job, you`re more willing to move wherever they tell you – and don`t complain. THis could mean abandoning family and friends. If you have a wife and children – make sure they are good with this and 110% on board. If they have you, sign a mobility agreement, it means they will move you at some point, and it will probably be in a place that you may not be satisfied with (including the high cost area like DC). Workers wishing to take positions subject to mobility agreements should be fully aware that any geographical non-reallocation could lead to expulsion without recourse.