United Voice Teacher Aide Agreement

“All non-educational school staff (including maintenance staff, teachers and school officials) who have been granted leave under COVID-19 are considered ado as ado in accordance with its 2020 ADO agreement.” If you don`t have a teacher assistant or school cleaning delegate, you`re discussing with your UWU organizer the election of a “cleaner and teaching assistant are absolutely essential to the smooth running of our public schools in Queensland,” Jones said. Headteachers were informed that temporary workers working in the field of tuition fees, including I4S, should continue their work if they had normally been extended, other than the impact of COVID-19. These include all contracts for temporary workers and teaching assistants with two years or more of continuous service, as well as other contracts that would normally have been renewed during semester 2. This also applies when members are un able to attend school due to closure or other absence. We ensure that overtime is distributed fairly to existing school cleaners that will be made available as part of the agreement. New measures and timelines to reduce classroom-class contact, minimize collection points, provide supervision and direction at school entrance and exit, and maximize airflow may require additional hours of childcare for teachers. What are school assistants and cleaners entitled to? To make it easier for you to learn about the work of teachers in your state or territory, we`ve done leg work for you! Members fought to make arrangements for no teacher assistant or cleaning staff at the school to be disadvantaged by COVID-19. Teacher and school cleaners, which have been confirmed by covid-19 delegates, can help by ensuring that all members are informed of this information and by identifying all teachers and school cleaners who are vulnerable workers and helping them organize work from home. “They work closely with teachers and students to provide broad support and help improve educational outcomes for all students and often for our weakest students.” Congratulations! Teachers and school cleaners from the Union of Workers were assured by the Minister that no teaching assistant or school cleaner would be disadvantaged by covid-19. These are big gains for United School Cleaners workers and teacher assistants. Stay abreast of current teaching and learning support practices and connect with other teachers across Australia through our regular webinars and our online community. As a delegate, you need to play an important role in ensuring that your school teachers and school cleaners understand the additional requirements and know how to apply them. Links and information for school cleaners and teachers in Queensland, including the latest kits for delegates.

“The proposed agreement for teachers includes reforms, including annual wage increases of 2.5% in line with the Queensland government`s wage policy,” she said.