Sanctuary Housing Tenancy Agreement

We`ve gathered some information that will help you get the most out of your lease:…/financial-support-for… Please read your rental agreement carefully. By signing the lease, you agree that you understand and accept all rights and obligations of your new property. Now, where to start… I exchanged with myself at a sanctuary of the property. in a nightmare. Neighbors are completely wrong, the coley housing consultant (Reading Berkshire) wouldn`t tell me about it before moving in and swap approved? No no! Repairs. What repairs? If you have a problem, you also can`t bother asking them to fix it, reported a serious moisture repair in the bedroom, (the previous tenant didn`t report it and left it, so the reciprocal exchanges are not stopped or delayed), so we reported this and first we had the maintenance man came out to have a look, then Kam. Remember, all this with people just “watching” on the work taken in hand from September 2019 to July 2020, at the end of this, the problem has not been sorted. OH, AND WE`VE HAD LOFT COUNSELORS SINCE WE MOVED IN. The pest control came out and tried to solve the problem. But this problem was due to the fact that Harry, our neighbour, was a horticulture and put his food waste in the garden, etc. Screaming all the time, slamming on the wall, the walls are thin.

I have cctv footage, a newspaper, everything related to the property and the neighbors. DON`T SANCTUARY ON YOU OR YOU WANT TO FEEL SAFE IN YOUR OWN HOME! They just want your rental money! Please don`t move to sanctuary accommodation if you have a choice! THE ONLY GOOD THING ABOUT SANCTUARY HOUSING IS THE MUTUAL EXCHANGE CASE OFFICER WHO WAS DEALING WITH MY EXCHANGE TO GET ME OUT OF OH AND THE POST MAN LOVELY BLOKE. The court must issue an eviction order if the housing company uses boden 8 for rent arrears as a reason for your eviction. Visit our website for more information:…/dont-forget-the-eu-se… We were told that Torbay Council had problems with the collection of valuable materials and that it prioritized the collection of household waste and food waste. Dry recycling will not be recovered until further notice. More here 👉…/sanctuary-housing-tor… Before you move into your sanctuary at home, you will sign a lease.

This agreement defines what you can expect from us, but also tells you your responsibility (things you need to do) as one of our residents. You can be deported if you lied to get your lease. For example, if you haven`t revealed that you own a different property than the one you filled out to go on the waiting list for apartments. If you do not leave, the housing company may ask the court to send bailiffs to dislodge you. The court does not have the power to suspend the arrest warrant for bailiffs. I signed this place four years ago. Put in for one or two rooms. Call them recently to update my number.

So the guy was like, “Oh, you`re not on the waiting list anymore,” right? How??? “They didn`t reset on our letter to stay on the waiting list,” he said. I have not received any dam letters that say anything.