Placement Agreement Asx

Under the agreement, there is no requirement for Altech to use the CPA, and if so, it has full control over all aspects of the investment process. Altech Chemicals (ATC) has entered into a control investment agreement (CPA) with Acuity Capital. The company will also have the flexibility to use all other methods or capital raising agreements as long as the CPA is in place and can terminate the CPA at any time free of charge. Altech aims to become one of the world`s leading suppliers of 99.99% of a high purity aluminum oxide processing plant through the construction and operation of a 4500-ton alumina processing plant in Johor, Malaysia. The CPA is providing Altech with up to $10 million of standby capital by January 2023. Altech has agreed to place 40 million fully paid common shares of its capacity on Acuity Capital for free. If the CPA expires or is terminated by Altech, Altech`s collateral shares may be returned without consideration.