Azure Enterprise Agreement Documentation

To activate your service, the original business administrator opens the Azure Enterprise portal and connects with the email address of the invitation email. Yes, you can transfer ownership of the subscription to another account. For example, if an A account has three subscriptions, the company administrator can transfer a subscription to account B, one to account C and one to account D. Or you can transfer all subscriptions to the E account. This article provides an overview of prices for Azure corporate customers. 2 The Bill-To contact cannot be added or modified in the AZURE EA portal and is added to the EA record based on the user who is configured at the agreement level as a Bill-To contact. To change Bill-To`s contact, a request must be made to the Regional Operations Center (ROC) through a software partner/advisor. and here in this article are explained the general tasks performed by an administrator on the Portal Azure EA ( The Azure EA portal is an online management portal that helps customers manage the costs of their Azure EA services.

Introductory information can be found on the Azure EA portal in the First Step article with the Azure EA portal. For introductory information about the Azure EA portal, see Get started with the Azure EA portal article. Corporate and department administrators use departments to organize and report Azure services for businesses and use by department and cost center. The company administrator can: To create an Azure offer subscription for businesses, you must be eligible in the role of the account owner on the EA portal. Once the prices have been verified and validated, click Publish. Corporate administrators are available as soon as the publication is selected. No markings can be made on the marking. You need to disable markup and start in step 1. You can have multiple business administrators in a business registration. You can give business administrators read-only access. They all inherit the role of administrator of the department.

Microsoft has documentation here for the transfer of a subscription: The following administrative roles are part of your business registration: You can delete the end date of the coverage period and disable and determine the approach date of life cycle notifications. By disabling lifecycle notifications, notifications about the coverage period and end date of the agreement are removed. In the documentation, a subscription transfer button to Before you can create an Azure offer subscription for businesses, your account must be added to the account owner`s role by the administrator of your EA registration in the Azure EA portal. You will then need to log in to the Azure EA portal to get permission to create EA subscriptions. It is recommended that your first EA subscription be created via the “Add a Subscription” link in the EA Portal Subscription tab. However, once your account is eligible, it may be easier to create subscriptions by in the Subscription tab in the top left corner of the page, where you can create and rename your subscription in one step. The status must be changed from a departure date to the end date. The start/end date is the date the user first logged in and the end date of the contract. As of August 1, 2019, new opt-out forms for Azure commercial customers will not be accepted. Instead, all registrations are extended indefinitely. If you want to end the use of Azure services, close your subscription to the Azure portal.

Or your partner can file a termination request. There is no change for clients who have types of government contracts. In our ongoing efforts to improve usability on our platform, we`ve also added the ability to automatically identify multiple Azure subscriptions using a single Azure Main Service.